The forces of disruption are moving so quickly that virtually every business is at risk of disruption in the next 3 to 5 years… FORCECASTING™ is the solution.

The competitive landscape is shifting fast. The ability to harness disruption is now a critical leadership skill.

FORCECASTING™ is a one-day process that helps you cut through the noise, demystifying the disruptive forces so you can keep your vision and strategy ahead of the change-curve (and the competition)




FORCECASTING™ is pre-strategy process that is optimized for agile teams. It’s a remarkably effective way (time & cost) to stress-test your HORIZON-3 thinking and to build stakeholder alignment around a vision and strategy that’s anchored in a collective view of how the forces impacting your success are most likely to unfold.

FORCECASTING™ reduces risk, reduces friction, accelerates execution and builds agility.

We live in an era when exponential forces are disrupting virtually every industry. For those leading a transformative innovation, the ability to avoid disruption has become a critical leadership skill… success depends on the ability to read the tea leaves right. Get it right and you win… get it wrong and you will find yourself solving for a future that does not exist. To avoid that fate, innovation leaders need to ensure that their vision is based on the right assumptions about the speed and trajectory of the disruptive forces that are most likely to impact the opportunity (and the risks).    

FORCECASTING is a unique one-day process that helps teams stress-testing hidden assumptions, build alignment on how they see the forces of disruption unfolding and how that fits with their ‘big idea’. It helps shed noise, build clarity and course-correct strategy to hone-in on the most compelling opportunities. It’s remarkably effective at driving the exact discussions that teams need to have, rising above the urgent issue of the day to explore the emerging forces that are about to determine whether they win or lose. The output is a crisp thesis on how the forces impacting your success are most likely to unfold, and that’s exceptionally valuable for attracting talent / capital /partners etc. to your world .
It’s a fast and effective way to build alignment on how the forces impacting your success are most likely to unfold.
It helps reduce risk by surfacing hidden assumptions and bias (and course correcting where required)
It helps accelerate execution by honing strategy, removing friction & building alignment on the key risks & opportunities.

A well-honed thesis does more than reduce friction and accelerate execution, it also provides a built-in recalibration mechanism so the team can react fast as new forces emerge, or existing forces change their speed or trajectory.

The other tangible benefit to a well articulated thesis is that it is enormously helpful for attracting the resources you need to execute. Pitches, to raise capital, attract talent & secure customers, are significantly more compelling when the big idea is anchored to a convincing thesis on how specific disruptive forces are unfolding to disrupt the stat quo.

     - Insights – see new opportunities and avoid previously unseen risks
     - Agility – sensitize the team to shifting forces to accelerate course correction
- Alignment - Stress-test key assumptions and adjust as forces shift (see Agile Strategy)
     - Spark Innovation - uncover fresh insights & opportunities for innovation & investment

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