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We help transformative leaders create strategies
that leverage the forces of disruption.

Your success depends on speed.
It also depends on your ability to anticipate how the forces of disruption are unfolding, because the forces determine what's possible (and when).

Get it right and you win. Get it wrong and you lose.

Of course, you can't get this right without a clear strategy.
The problem is, traditional strategic planning is way too slow.
Our 'Agile Strategy' approach is different. It was built for this pace.



Transformative leaders know how to cut through the noise cloud to identify compelling opportunities and they also know how to convince people to give them the resources they need to execute… we’re on a mission to help put that power in the hands of entrepreneurs and innovation leaders everywhere.


Rampworth is an agile strategy firm. We help transformative leaders (from startups to enterprise) harness the forces of disruption to outmaneuver the competition. Our job is to help you decide where to place a bet (and why), help craft the strategy and narrative that attracts the resources that you need to execute (talent/capital/partners etc.) and help optimize strategy & execution in response to shifting forces and market landscape.

Our Agile Strategy approach is unique, well proven and fits perfectly with rapid execution sprints, but it’s based on some fresh thinking:


+ If you're chasing a big idea, you already believe something about how the forces of disruption are unfolding. You have literally placed a bet based on what you believe 'will be' true.

SUPERPOWER TIP - to attract talent & capital, and to accelerate your success, formally collaborate with key stakeholders to help hone that foundational thinking... it's transformative.

OUR STORY - Over the past decade, we've helped over a hundred companies develop a formal 'thesis'... it's a truly transformational experience. We use FORCECASTING™, because it's well-proven and remarkably effective for helping high-performance teams stress-test hidden assumptions and optimize strategy in response to shifts in the forces of disruption.
In this short video, we share our view on the role that a well honed 'thesis' plays in creating and optimizing an agile strategy. .


+ Agile Strategy stays out of execution's way… this is about speed & agility in response to fresh learnings and shifting forces.

SUPERPOWER TIP - Build-in a formal review at the end of each sprint and include a formal review of your foundational beliefs. You'll be shocked by how much faster you execute when the team is able to micro-adjust along the way.

OUR STORY - The 3-Horizon framework was initially created by McKinsey for large enterprise, but we’ve created a modified version for people leading transformative change in fast moving sectors. It's a simple construct that turns out to be extremely helpful for minimizing the tension between immediate action (execution) and maximizing value (ie: vision & strategy).
Here we share our version of the 3-HORIZON's Framework, optimized for leaders of disruptive change.


+ Successful innovators use agile development because it collapses the time between idea and market fit. Agile strategy is similar but focusses on evolving the thesis and strategy (without slowing down execution).

SUPERPOWER TIP - measure agility. If adjusting to the shifting landscape matters to your success, track when / why you make adjustments and celebrate agility to hard-wire into the culture.

OUR STORY - Some leaders are so obsessed with execution that they never make to evolve their thinking. We get the need for speed, but the faster the forces of disruption move, the more critical it becomes to keep your thesis and strategy ahead of the change-curve. That’s why we're allergic to the 'too busy to stop and think' approach... Agile Strategy is the answer because it helps you carve out just enough time to keep your vision and strategy ahead of the change-curve... in most cases, it actually accelerates execution.
Here we share one of the approaches we use to bring agile strategy to transformative startups and innovation teams.


+ It’s not enough to hone your thesis and strategy on your own... stakeholder alignment removes friction and accelerates execution.

SUPERPOWER TIP - list key stakeholders (talent / capital / partners etc.) by priority and rank how certain you are that the #1 priority folks are completely aligned with your thesis on how the forces that most impact your success are most likely to unfold... fix the gaps.

OUR STORY - We approach alignment in two ways. 1) we consciously help you carve out an effective 'safe zone' to evolve your strategy without causing friction with the execution team. 2) at key points, we help create/facilitate sessions to engage key stakeholder to both stress-test the thinking and build alignment on the evolving thesis and strategy.


+ Maximizing value doesn’t take more work, but it does require alignment between your strategy and the capital markets.

SUPERPOWER TIP - always track comparable fundings in your space and stress-test your thinking on the reason investors are giving them a premium valuation (what are the implication to your strategy?)

OUR STORY - The traditional Capital Formation Stack is undergoing rapid change, impacting valuations, capital sources and when you factor in tokenization, the very dynamic of creating value through network effect. In our view, this shift makes a formal Value Strategy more important than ever.


+ Humans are hard-wired to equate the 'unfamiliar' with the ‘improbable’... that's why it's critical to stay familiar with fast moving forces and disruptive thinking.

SUPERPOWER TIP - formally book time for reducing blind spots. One approach is to subscribe to an analyst out of your sector. Another way is to pick one new disruptive force per quarter (new to you) and arrange for a briefing.

OUR STORY - This doesn't just apply to innovation leaders; it applies to us too. That’s why we invest so much effort to go deep into specific forces of disruption... learning, synthesizing and sharing to create feedback loops that push our thinking to the next level. That’s also why we host the annual ‘Think Summit’... an invitation-only event for 'thinking leaders’. If you’d like to learn more about that, just let us know (it’s something we’d love to share:).



We typically customize services to match our clients need, but bundled offerings are an effective way to communicate the sort of solutions that we provide. Here are a few examples:


We live in an era when exponential forces are disrupting virtually every industry. For those leading a disruptive innovation, the ability to avoid disruption has become a critical leadership skill… success depends on the ability to read the tea leaves. Get it right and you win… get it wrong and you will find yourself solving for a future that doesn't exist. To avoid that fate, you need to ensure that your thesis & strategy are based on the right assumptions about the speed and trajectory of the disruptive forces that are most likely to impact your success.

Our unique FORCECASTING™ process is remarkably effective way to identify the disruptive forces with the greatest potential to impact your success, and to stress-test your team’s thinking on how they are most likely to unfold. The result is a crisp thesis that improves your ability to align stakeholders with the vision and strategy, reducing friction and accelerating execution.

PDF overview


Our job is to help you maximize value. We do it by: 1) helping you keep your strategy ahead of the change-curve, and 2) helping you accelerate execution by building stakeholder alignment around the vision and strategy.

To accomplish this, we provide some adhoc services (thesis formation / strategy off-sites / capital Raise Strategy / Tokenization strategy etc.), but we prefer a sustained role working directly with the you. Together, we'll customize the specific activities to match the fidelity and cadence required to optimize your strategy in the most efficient way possible (time and cost).

One good example is our STRATPATH offering, which includes:

  • Monthly Facilitated H-3 Session (1-on-1)
  • Annual Thesis Recalibration & Strategy Implications – (full day – leadership team)
  • AdHoc Support (eamil / calls - hot topics)
  • Emerging Force Briefings (2 to 3 per year - like having an analyst on the team)
  • Strategy Tools (ForceMap + EDGEFORCE Forums etc.)
  • ANNUAL THINK SUMMIT (Whistler) + Adhoc Remote Events
  • COST varies by scope.

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In recent years, we've seen a dramatic shift in the way’s companies can access capital and get liquidity. The range of new options (crowd funding / public-venture / ICO’s and tokenized smart assets) is staggering, and it's already having a dramatic impact on valuations, capital sources, liquidity options etc. In this environment, whether you intend to raise capital or not, we believe that it’s critical to create a formal value strategy and capital formation plan that takes into account both the risks and opportunities that these options present.

EXAMPLE - Tokenization, which impacts both capital formation and network effect, is rapidly becoming one of the most disruptive forces in business, but most leaders have yet to develop an informed tokenization strategy (see our Blockchain PRIMER for a plain-language review of the 6-layers of value that BlockChain unlocks)


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in our view, it’s the ‘promise maker’ that
should take the risk, not the ‘promise taker’.

That’s why we always make the initial working
session a zero-risk proposition… if you aren’t
convinced that you got full value, you pay $0.-.

interested in giving it a go?
let’s talk - jmcdonald@rampworth.com



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