When you are leading a team that’s focused on creating transformative innovation, things move fast. In reality, that means that you’re probably 110% focused on execution. That’s OK for a while, but you’re learning fast, not just about your competition and your customers, but also about the forces of disruption that define your opportunity. You can’t find time to take your foot off the execution pedal, but if you don’t keep your thinking / strategy ahead of the curve you’re going end up driving the entire thing down a blind alley (but who has time to think?). This tension, between execution and thinking, feels unbearable, yet somehow the most successful leaders manage to find a way to keep their thinking and strategy ahead of the change-curve… you can too.

We created a modified version of McKinsey’s 3-HORIZON Framework designed specifically for leaders of transformative innovations. It’s a simple way to shed noise and keep your strategy ahead of the change-curve without slowing execution. In this short video, we explain what it is and how you can use it.

John McDonald