We typically customize services to match our clients need, but bundled offerings are an effective way to communicate the sort of solutions that we provide. Here are a few examples:


We live in an era when exponential forces are disrupting virtually every industry. For those leading a disruptive innovation, the ability to avoid disruption has become a critical leadership skill… success depends on the ability to read the tea leaves. Get it right and you win… get it wrong and you will find yourself solving for a future that doesn't exist. To avoid that fate, you need to ensure that your thesis & strategy are based on the right assumptions about the speed and trajectory of the disruptive forces that are most likely to impact your success.

Our unique FORCECASTING™ process is remarkably effective way to identify the disruptive forces with the greatest potential to impact your success, and to stress-test your team’s thinking on how they are most likely to unfold. The result is a crisp thesis that improves your ability to align stakeholders with the vision and strategy, reducing friction and accelerating execution.

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Our job is to help you maximize value. We do it by: 1) helping you keep your strategy ahead of the change-curve, and 2) helping you accelerate execution by building stakeholder alignment around the vision and strategy.

To accomplish this, we provide some adhoc services (thesis formation / strategy off-sites / capital Raise Strategy / Tokenization strategy etc.), but we prefer a sustained role working directly with the you. Together, we'll customize the specific activities to match the fidelity and cadence required to optimize your strategy in the most efficient way possible (time and cost).

One good example is our STRATPATH offering, which includes:

  • Reguler (Monthly or Bi-Monthly) 1-on-1 H-3 Working Session
  • Adhoc Support (email/call/learnings)
  • Annual Thesis / Strategy Recalibration (full day)
  • Formal + AdHoc Briefings (fresh thinking on disruptive forces)
  • Full Suite of Strategy Tools (Agile Strategy / ForceMap / EDGEFORCE Forums / Forces Data etc.)

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In recent years, we've seen a dramatic shift in the way’s companies can access capital and get liquidity. The range of new options (crowd funding / public-venture / ICO’s and tokenized smart assets) is staggering, and it's already having a dramatic impact on valuations, capital sources, liquidity options etc. In this environment, whether you intend to raise capital or not, we believe that it’s critical to create a formal value strategy and capital formation plan that takes into account both the risks and opportunities that these options present.

EXAMPLE - Tokenization, which impacts both capital formation and network effect, is rapidly becoming one of the most disruptive forces in business, but most leaders have yet to develop an informed tokenization strategy (see our Blockchain PRIMER for a plain-language review of the 6-layers of value that BlockChain unlocks)