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The forces of disruption determine what’s possible (and when).
The goal of the EDGEFORCE FORUM is make it easier for you to track the forces that you care about.

We use the FORCECASTING process to help leadership teams hone their ‘thesis’ on which forces have the greatest impact on their success. That leads to tremendous clarity and alignment, but it also leads to a short-list of forces that you need to track. It’s too overwhelming for one person, so why not share the load. We recommend that you assign one or two forces to each team member and have them track related news and report-in when something significant changes (ie: something that might impact your strategy)

THE PROBLEM - there is no simple / organized way to track all of this, and even if there was a tool, having every single team duplicate the effort seems like a massive waste of heartbeats. That’s why we created a way for multiple people to collaborate and share the load.

THE GOAL - make it easier to get an early warning when something significant happens with a specific force by sharing the load of tracking shifts in the speed and trajectory of disruptive forces. 

HOW IT WORKS - Each specific ‘force’ is setup as a topic. You only subscribe to the ones you care about. Since multiple people can subscribe to any topic, the more popular forces share the tracking load. Think of it as a crowd-source approach the tracking news/insights related to the disruptive forces that matter to your success:
. everybody who cares about a specific force follows that feed. 
. subscribers to that feed upload news and insights related to that specific force
. everyone following that force can share opinions to explore the SO WHAT related to breaking news

When multiple people contribute it lightens the load, broadens the net & freshens the thinking:
1) the forum gives you a single place to organize news and insights related to each of the forces that you're tracking.
2) following individual forces makes it much easier to assign ownership of your key forces to specific people (ie: different people in your organization have the responsibility to follow specific forces)
3) having one place for multiple people to share news / insights on a specific force lightens the load and broadens the net

COST - it’s free (and we'll try to keep it that way forever)

EdgeForce is currently an ‘invitation only’ Forum, but if you’d like to be a part of this collaborative effort to track news and insights on key disruptive forces, we’d love to have you. Just fill in the form (below) and we’ll send a private link.

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