Simple Formula for Success

Rampworth is a collective of independents. We all have our own areas of passion and that’s reflected in our individual practices, but we aligned on one thing… it’s our job to you maximize value by keeping your thinking ahead of the change-curve to avoid risk and execute on the most compelling opportunities. All of our engagements are customized, but 2 things remain constant:
1. We have a clear focus on driving enterprise value and work as a member of the senior team with full accountability for performance (and doing everything possible to avoid the role of consultant).
2. We like to work ourselves out of the job. Unlike traditional consultants, who build in hooks for future work, we focus on a sustainable transition, delivering training and building internal competencies as an integral part of every project. This approach drives down cost, reduces execution risk and ensures that a value focus becomes deeply embedded across your organization.

John McDonald


A seasoned entrepreneur, with broad experience in starting, growing and selling companies.  Having done business on four continents and across five separate industries (manufacturing / contracting / software / call center / clean energy), I default to a global viewpoint.  A strategic thinker by nature, a marketer by training, and an intellectually curious person by disposition, I thrive on collaborative innovation. 

Whether that’s around the creation of a new business or the recalibration of an existing one, I add value through a combination of proven process, skilled facilitation and a unique ability to help shed noise. 




Wayne Carrigan


Wayne brings 20 years of executive management and digital marketing experience to Rampworth. He has a strong track record of creating successful marketing strategies and managing high growth companies.

Prior to his association with Rampworth Wayne was Vice President of Marketing for WiderFunnel, a world leader in providing Conversion Optimization Services to Fortune 2000 organizations including notable clients Magento,, and Google.

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Eric Wen

A Chinese national by birth, and now a Canadian citizen, Eric has an enormous pride for both countries and effortlessly bridges between the two cultures. His formal training is in medicine, where he practiced in his early career, but his love of business has pulled him away in the form of 4 start-ups and 1 turnaround. An influential network of senior government officials and business executives in China, Eric's experience includes privatization of state owned business as well as negotiating countless formal agreements with top state owned enterprises (SOE's) and private companies.  An astute observer, Eric has developed a comprehensive understanding of China culture and business practices, legislative compliance, and government operations, and it is from this base that he has helped numerous western company's develop a successful market entry strategy for China.