It takes no more effort to build a high value company than a low value one.

 “Value Strategy” isn't nearly as mysterious as it sounds.  What the whole thing boils down to is this... buyers and investors have a shopping list of things that they look for (some of which add value, and some of which take value away), and if your company focuses on the right things, its value will go up.  

Easily said, but some companies lack the resources or experience to drive the Value Strategy process.  It is here that Rampworth can help - working with the senior team, providing a facilitated process and direct support as required.

We've been successfully providing this service for close to 10 years.  In fact, it was our obsession the strategy that drives company value that first inspired us to form Rampworth in 2004.  Since then we've continued to refine our process and support. 


Our unique methodology takes the mystery out of the Value Creation process and introduces new avenues to access capital.  In simple terms, we help clients uncover the “value-triggers" that provide the most leverage in the capital markets, then hard-wire those value-triggers into their strategy and action plans.  

BENEFITS Our approach is grounded in practical experience, so the results are straightforward, manageable and remarkably rewarding.  There are to obvious benefits:

1. Higher Value - by re-calibrating strategy to more closely align with capital market "value-triggers".

2. Shed Noise - by eliminating low value activities and building stakeholder alignment. 



It's easier than ever to start a company, but harder than ever to build a business... we can help with that.

Working "IN" the business is a fact of life, but many entrepreneurs struggle to find time to work "ON" the business - despite the fact that it's the only possible way to maximize value.

Our approach is to join the senior team as a fractional resource, matching pace and spend with the company's resources and natural rhythm. We provide a practical framework, templates and content samples, and hands-on guidance. We do this without brining a 'one-size-fits-all" framework;  instead, we work collaboratively with the team to ensure that the final output has genuine buy-in.

BENEFITS - a credible corporate package (strategy / business plan / financial model etc.) immediately adds value with investors and corporate partners.  In addition, the process itself leads to greater clarity of purpose which leads to improved alignment for all stakeholders.




A "value compass" is a key requirement for course corrections long the way.

A "value compass" is a key requirement for course corrections long the way.




Most companies get so distracted by SEO hype that they miss the low hanging fruit... we can help with that. 

There are millions of people actively searching for the products and services offered by just about every business on the planet, and in most cases there are high profit opportunities to harvest that demand. Of course, not all search terms are profitable, so strategic targeting is critical. This is where the real opportunity lies, but it can't be done without clear visibility into the online behavior of both your prospects and your competition.

Rampworth has invested heavily into both tools and process for developing high-ROI targeting strategies. Our unique approach combines the power of SearchDoppler (for deep search data & intuitive visualization tools) with our proven analysis methodology. A great deal of effort has gone into demystifying the data, which has the dual benefit increasing engagement from non-technical business leaders, and increasing the number of unexpected insights and opportunities

Of course, the whole point of pursuing a web strategy is to increase profitability, which is why our approach includes deep financial analysis, and why all of our recommendations are ROI driven.  Our deliverables are directly actionable, and provide a dashboard which links downstream execution to clear financial targets.

BENEFITS - Whether you want to increase online sales, or to generate more qualified leads, Rampworth's web strategy process will help you earn the highest possible returns online.