We are proud of the work we do, and proud of the lasting relationships that we build with our clients.  
In fact, we'd love to tell you all about it, but we can't because pretty much everything we work on is confidential.

For that reason, we are even more grateful than normal for the kind words expressed by the clients below:

tarting my first company has been an incredibly exciting experience to date and I owe much of this excitement to John.

I began working with John in a series of monthly workshops with the original goal of getting me prepared for the company’s first major capital raise. I can say with absolute certainty that he has helped me prepare the company for this milestone, but much more importantly than that he has helped demystify the many inter-related aspects that go into building a successful business and in the process it has ignited quite a few new areas of interest for me. Simply put, John is the best teacher I’ve ever had. He has that innate ability to very quickly understand how far along in your understanding you are in any given area of your business and he will help push your current level of understanding by introducing you to new concepts and frameworks and different ways of thinking about all those things you thought you had figured out already. After every chat, email and workshop I felt re-energized, motivated and inspired to create or revisit parts of my business and make them better.

If you are a first-time entrepreneur or you are an established company trying to determine whether you should enter into a new market or launch a new product in a crowded space, John can provide immense value to you, your team and ultimately your business.   

- Nathan Charley, CEO Topular


In hopes of moving some ideas around a new digital business forward, I sought out John McDonald’s help.  Initially John made a big impact with me one on one, providing both valuable feedback, as well as serving up great questions that helped me to better focus these ideas, as well as to see where there were some holes and opportunities that I wasn’t initially seeing.

John’s biggest impact was to come later when he helped to structure and drive a strategic session with a group of potential participants in my evolving start-up.  His ability to help the team shed noise and to focus around the key opportunities in front of the team really help create powerful team alignment, that served as a catalyst to really bring the team together.  The end result of John’s involvement leading up to session, driving it and helping extract the key areas of alignment has really served as the fuel and the glue that helped turn “my ideas” into “our new opportunity”.  Each member of the team came away knowing that they were not only excited about sharing in a powerful new shared vision, but that they each played a key role in helping define and shape that vision.  I was impressed by the variety of tools that John seems to have in his toolbox, as well as knowing how and when to use them.  I'm really looking forward to keeping John involved by strategically and creatively as our project evolves.  

Steve Rechtschaffner – ex Microsoft & EA