The world is changing fast, and the ability to avoid disruption has become a critical leadership skill.

FORCEcasting™ goes a step further, demystifying the disruptive forces and shifting your vision ahead of the change curve, helping you out-maneuver and out-innovate your competition.

We live in a time of exponential change, and an ever expanding list of forces’ (machine learning / sensors and wearables / cloud computing / platforms / new business models etc.) is accelerating and converging so quickly that virtually every business will experience significant disruption in the next 3 to 5 years.  

For those that see it coming, these changes bring opportunity. For those that dont, risk. 

The solution is not to ignore the forces and hope for the best, but to ensure that your vision is based on an undistorted view of the change trajectory for the forces that matter most to your business.


Genuine Innovation doesn’t need to be right for the world when it’s started… just when it's released.  In other words, if you’re developing for a future that doesn’t exist, you are destined to fail.  To avoid that fate, leaders need to ensure that their vision is based on an accurate view of the future. 

FORCEcasting is a proven process that helps you develop an agile vision, based on the forces at play and how they are most likely to unfold. Before you build your next MVP, trigger your next pivot, or place your next M&A bet, do a bit of FORCEcasting.


fast, inspiring and actionable

FORCEcasting Process
proven process for mapping your disruptive forces

develop an agile vision, that adjusts to shifting forces



FORCEcasting delivers several benefits:
     - Insights – see new opportunities and avoid previously unseen risks
     - Validate key assumptions and adjust as things forces shift
(see agile vision)
     - Build alignment across the team (more momentum / less friction)
     - Spark Innovation - uncover opportunity in high-change environments
     - Agile Vision – sensitize the team to shifting forces to accelerate course correction