Simple Formula for Success

While projects vary, our role consistently requires that we help design process and facilitate group interaction in ways that build alignment and nudge the underlying assumptions out of the box.  As such, it’s our job to help the team deliver their best thinking, but we also strive to leave lasting value in three ways:

Clarity - help the team shed noise around goals, KPI’s & action plans (what does success look like). 
Execution – help improve milestone performance with enhanced dashboards (variance at a glance).
Accountability – help amplify the sense of ownership (the outcome of enhanced clarity and visibility).


Fractional Team Member

These days, the typical big-ticket "consulting" approach is not a fit for most companies, partly because remuneration isn't linked to value delivered, but also because it fails to generate the internal buy-in that is required to execute downstream. Our approach is different in three ways, not just in how we structure our fees and process to align with the company's culture and circumstances, but in how we work with the senior team to build alignment and embed a value optimization competency into the organizations' DNA.

Spelling out the specifics isn't appropriate here, primarily because by their nature, all of our engagements are tailored to specific client needs, but 3 things remain constant in our world:

1. We take ownership of a clearly defined project, working as a member of the senior team with full accountability for performance (and doing everything possible to avoid the role of consultant).  

2. Our job is to work ourselves out of the job. Unlike traditional consultants, who build in hooks for future work, we focus on a sustainable transition, delivering training and building internal competencies as an integral part of every project.     

3. We have a clear focus on driving enterprise value.  This is different than traditional business consultants who can actually have an inverse impact on value, because the more dependent an organization becomes on them, the greater the penalty that investors apply against the enterprise value.  Rampworth is the opposite, because our model is to work through the senior team so both the value strategy and the downstream execution are driven internally. This approach drives down cost, reduces execution risk and ensures that a value focus becomes deeply embedded across the entire leadership team.  

John McDonald  604-721-3441 /  LINKEDIN

604-721-3441 / LINKEDIN

A 25 year entrepreneur, with broad experience in starting, growing and selling companies.  Having done business on four continents and across five separate industries (manufacturing / contracting / software / call center / clean energy), I default to a global viewpoint.  A strategic thinker by nature, a marketer by training, and an intellectually curious person by disposition, I thrive on collaborative innovation. 

Whether that’s around the creation of a new business or the recalibration of an existing one, I add value through a combination of proven process, skilled facilitation and a unique ability to help shed noise. 


My direct experience covers most aspects of business, from ideation and strategy through branding, capital raising, commercial scale-up and divestitures.   Because of this broad background, I am capable of engaging in a wide range of projects, but my passion is for the innovation cycle, working collaboratively with seasoned leaders trying to crack the code on a vexing problem or capitalize on an emerging opportunity.  Common engagements include strategy formation around new products or business expansion, or strategy recalibration when market conditions have shifted or a company is expanding globally.  Of course, as a value strategy specialist, I also get involved with preparations for capital raising, but typically only when the company is interested in maximizing their value prior to the raise.

The Perfect Gig

I typically work as a fractional member of the senior team in companies that are either pursuing a whole new opportunity, or "course correcting" an under-performing business. They hire me because they believe that I can help the team deliver their best thinking.  On the surface, it looks like I'm there to help design the process and facilitate key sessions, but my real job goes much deeper:

Thinking -  I am an innovation catalyst and my facilitation style helps to stress-test underlying limitations and bias, and push the collective view of “what could be”
Clarity - a big part of my role is to help the team shed noise.  Whether it's around core objectives, success measures, action plans or accountability, I am very effective at helping teams distill things down to their essential parts.  
Execution - help improve milestone performance with enhanced dashboards (variance at a glance).                                

Accountability - help amplify the sense of ownership (leveraging enhanced clarity and visibility).


Ben Nyland


Ben has been associated with Rampworth since 2007. Ben graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Alberta in 1993. Having worked as an engineer for IBM and Nortel, he transitioned to the role of Internet marketing manager at a start-up software company in 1996 where he began to learn the ins and outs of electronic software delivery, marketing software on the Web, and began a fascination with the ever changing world of the Internet. 


In 1998 Ben joined Workfire Technologies as Marketing Director overseeing marketing communications and product management. In 1999 Workfire was named as a finalist at Comdex (Las Vegas) for best new technology of the show (eWeek). In September 2000 the company was acquired by Packeteer (NASD: PKTR).  Ben then joined Boltons Capital Corp. as Executive Vice President where he was responsible for evaluating investments into technology companies across Canada. It was in this role that Ben discovered a passion and aptitude for analyzing/evaluating businesses and business models.  

The Perfect Gig

Ben has a passion for working with small and mid-sized companies to implement sustainable growth strategies, and has gone on to work with numerous start-ups since, typically in the role of trusted advisor, but from time to time, pulled into the business to act as a fractional member of the senior team.  Strategy formation is definitely a process that Ben loves to participate in, but his real passion is for putting in the process and actually executing, particularly in the areas of marketing and operations.  As with all Rampworth associates, Ben sees his job as working himself out of the job, but he loves to get the machine running and managing the transition to the team. 

Wayne Carrigan

Wayne brings 20 years of executive management and digital marketing experience to Rampworth. He has a strong track record of creating successful marketing strategies and managing high growth companies.

Prior to his association with Rampworth Wayne was Vice President of Marketing for WiderFunnel, a world leader in providing Conversion Optimization Services to Fortune 2000 organizations including notable clients Magento,, and Google.

He also served as Executive Vice President with Thindata.  He helped Thindata  grow from 18 to 120 people and to become a North American leader in strategic multi-channel database-driven marketing solutions. Thindata was acquired by Transcontinental in 2008.

Wayne previously served as Alliance Atlantis Communications’ Vice President of Interactive Operations overseeing the e-marketing efforts of over 15 Broadcasting related properties and 30 Television and Motion Picture related properties.  At NetStar Communications he managed the online efforts for The Sports Network (TSN) and Discovery Channel Canada.  

As an integrated marketing subject matter expert, Wayne is frequently interviewed by marketing and business media and presents at key industry events. As a champion of entrepreneurship, he continues to consult and advised a multitude of businesses and tech start-ups.

He studied Mass Communications and Economics at York University.

Charles Creighton, MBA


With two decades of strategy and execution experience and a Berkeley MBA behind him, Charles has developed a passion for building value through customer focused innovation and execution.  

I’ve had the pleasure of working in several high-growth ventures across multiple roles (co-founder, CEO, CFO, and cross-functional senior leader) and as a result, have developed deep cross-functional skills.  Key areas of experience include capital raising, corporate development (both acquisitions & partnerships), market/channel formation, product delivery, sales leadership, operations leadership and financial controls leadership. 

Some of the professional achievements I’m most proud of include:

  • As CEO and Co-Founder

    • Led the company through initial product launch and two subsequent pivots.

    • Took full responsibility for product positioning, sales processes & tools creation, reward structures, and oversight of brand creation and website development.

  • As Vice President of Corporate Development:

    • Completed the acquisition of a strategic bolt-on subsidiary for a publicly listed parent company, leading legals and financials.

    • Led the development of a national, multi-store e-commerce platform from business case development and gaining internal buy-in and budget, through RFP and to completion.

    • Developed marketing strategy and technology roadmap (including marketing stack) for rapidly expanding online retailer.

  • As Vice President, Strategy and Development:

    • Worked with a founder to successfully close both a seed and a venture capital funding rounds for his start-up venture.

    • Negotiated downstream agreements with one of the largest global loyalty program providers.

    • Built up a strategic partner network from 65 to 140 partners, while simultaneously expanding the footprint from regional to national.

  • As Interim CFO

    • Assisted a technology developer in closing a multi-year, multi-million dollar supply and royalty agreement with a downstream B2B technology provider.

    • Worked with internal controller to develop and implement daily cash flow analysis to enable the company to survive through a trough in its business cycle.

I love the process of discovering and executing on new growth opportunities and recognize how fortunate I am to do what I love.  To that end, while I have extensive experience leading teams (large and small), my practice is built around team formation and handoff.  My role is to help build alignment around the vision, strategy and plan, and then to help form the team.  In most cases, this involves developing the competencies and measures required to succeed, and nurturing leadership to phase out my role as quickly as possible 

Eric Wen

Eric - Sepia.jpg

A Chinese national by birth, and now a Canadian citizen, Eric has an enormous pride for both countries and effortlessly bridges between the two cultures. His formal training is in medicine, where he practiced in his early career, but his love of business has pulled him away in the form of 4 start-ups and 1 turnaround.

An influential network of senior government officials and business executives in China, Eric's experience includes privatization of state owned business as well as negotiating countless formal agreements with top state owned enterprises (SOE's) and private companies.  An astute observer, Eric has developed a comprehensive understanding of China culture and business practices, legislative compliance, and government operations, and it is from this base that he has helped numerous western company's develop a successful market entry strategy for China.

The Perfect Gig

Eric loves diving in to help companies understand the competitive and regulatory environment, and to build an effective market entry strategy, but he is so skilled at the business development process that he inevitably ends up helping to negotiate the deals too.  With over 20 years of delivering impressive results building and operating business programs from North America and China, Eric expanding his practice to include strategy and execution services for Chinese companies expanding into the west.