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We help entrepreneurs increase company value, drive innovation and shed noise.


Having successfully founded, built and sold a range of companies across multiple industries, we are convinced that building company value is the result of a systematic process, not the result of happenstance. Building on real-world experience and proven methodology, we have created a unique process for helping our clients develop strategy and execution plans that accelerate innovation and increase value.

What's So Unique?

Our job is to help the team deliver their best thinking, and that requires us to create processes that work for the team, and to facilitate key sessions for maximum effectiveness, plenty of folks can do that.  What makes us unique is our unwavering focus on increasing company value.   Naturally this comes across in the perspective that we bring to the table, but it's more than that... value enhancement is baked into each of our processes, whether it's for a new launch, a strategy recalibration or digital strategy, and we have evolved our pricing and delivery models to align with success of each individual engagement.

Simple Formula for Success

While projects vary, our role consistently requires that we help design process and facilitate group interaction in ways that build alignment and nudge the underlying assumptions out of the box.  As such, it’s our job to help the team deliver their best thinking, but we also strive to leave lasting value in three ways:

Clarity - help the team shed noise around goals, KPI’s & action plans (what does success look like). 
Execution – help improve milestone performance with enhanced dashboards (variance at a glance).
Accountability – help amplify the sense of ownership (the outcome of enhanced clarity and visibility). 

What's The Benefit?

"High Value" companies attract the best clients and the best talent, have greater access to low cost capital,  and enjoy more options to acquire or be acquired.  For these reasons, our clients have made a conscious decision to adjust their strategy to optimize value in the eyes of the capital market.  Our processes helps them get there, but even more important is the "Voice of Value" that we bring to the strategic discussions... it's a perspective that is often missing on the leadership team - its a fresh viewpoint that's easy for us to provide because, frankly, we're obsessed with driving the multiple (so we can't really help ourselves).

Fractional Team Member

These days, the typical big-ticket "consulting" approach is not a fit for most companies, partly because remuneration isn't linked to value delivered,  but also because it fails to generate the internal buy-in that is required to execute downstream.  Our approach is different in three ways, not just in how we structure our fees  and process to align with the company's culture and circumstances, but in how we work with the senior team to build alignment and embed a value optimization competency into the organizations' DNA.

Spelling out the specifics isn't appropriate here, primarily because by their nature, all of our engagements are tailored to specific client needs, but 3 things remain constant in our world:

1. We take ownership of a clearly defined project, working as a member of the senior team with full accountability for performance (and doing everything possible to avoid the role of consultant).  

2. Our job is to work ourselves out of the job.  Unlike traditional consultants, who build in hooks for future work, we focus on a sustainable transition, delivering training and building internal competencies as an integral part of every project.     

3. We have a clear focus on driving enterprise value.  This is different than traditional business consultants who can actually have an inverse impact on value, because the more dependent an organization becomes on them, the greater the penalty that investors apply against the enterprise value.  Rampworth is the opposite, because our model is to work through the senior team so both the value strategy and the downstream execution are driven internally. This approach drives down cost, reduces execution risk and ensures that a value focus becomes deeply embed across the entire leadership team.